Thursday, March 4, 2021

8 reasons why plus-size shoppers don't have it so easy after all

 Curvy women are wonderful and certainly don't need to hide. Unfortunately, this still doesn't apply everywhere when it comes to shopping. Too expensive, too little selection or unfriendly saleswomen. These are just a few of the problems plus size shoppers struggle with.

1. The looks of the other women: You go into a shop that has a plus-size department. And although you know of course that you don't fit into a 38, you still have a look around. And then suddenly they are there: the looks of the other women. And you know exactly what they're thinking: "You don't like that anyway". Don't let that intimidate you, because sometimes there are oversized pieces here too that can look great on women with more curves too.

2. No choice: a huge department for jeans, underwear or basics - that is quite normal for the big fashion chains. But the plus-size department is always a bit out of the way in a dark corner in the basement. You feel a bit pushed away.

3. Too high prices: With many mail order companies it is still the case that the larger the sizes, the higher the prices. More money for more fabric? It's not customer-friendly.

4. Too small changing rooms: Fortunately, this is no longer the case in many shops. But it's not fun to take half the curtain with your bum just because you would like to see the garment from behind.

5. The shoe problem: Many chains now offer plus-size fashion. But what is usually neglected is the shoes. They are usually much too tight. And buying boots is out of the question if you have a thicker calf.

6. Unfriendly saleswomen: No shoes or trousers fit and then the saleswoman becomes unfriendly and lets you clearly feel that it is basically your fault that nothing fits you. Only one thing helps: let's get out of the store.

7. The plus-size models are always too thin: in the online shops, most plus-size models can hardly be distinguished from normal models. So why not just present something that can be bought in size 52 on a size 52 model.

8. Not everything that is trendy also works: cropped jeans, mom jeans or Roman sandals? Some items of clothing may come in plus sizes, but a curvy woman might not want to wear them. But why should I? You don't have to go along with every trend.

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