Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Plus-size jogger defends herself against bullies with a strong letter


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So that one thing is clear: I am not ashamed of my body!"

Yes, jogger Lindsey Swift knows she has a few extra pounds on her hips. Therefore, nobody should insult them. She makes this very clear with her strong letter on Facebook.

It's a very normal day for Lindsey Swift . She and her boyfriend are jogging in the English town of Barnsley. Until a car suddenly slows down next to her and a man leans out the window to sing a cover version of Mika's song "Big Girl (You are beautiful)" with a sarcastic undertone.

As Lindsey herself says, it's actually not her way to worry about such comments. To put it in her own words, "Idiots are idiots, after all ." But in this case she feels called to speak out properly to this guy in order to show other women with more weight , who are less self-confident than her, that they shouldn't let that kind of thing spoil their fun while running .

On Facebook she publishes an open letter to the mean bully who made fun of her and shows him what she thinks of him. Her first sentences already put the guy in his place:

"Yes, I am a heavy girl and yes, I am beautiful. Thank you for noticing. I'm not sure who you were trying to tell I am fat because you obviously have eyes on your head and apart from you only my friend and I were there. I assure you that I own a mirror and that my friend has already seen my body - he also has eyes. Please don't tell anyone, but I think he even likes my body. "

At this point it is already clear with what strength Lindsey Swift knows how to defend herself against the bullying attack But it goes on:

"Just to make one thing clear: I'm not ashamed of my body. It has never stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do. My fat body has done things you can only dream of. My fat body is in crystal clear water Swam Thailand, which you've probably only seen on TV before. He's lived in countries you can't even dream of and seen cultures your limited mind can't appreciate. My fat legs have me several times Carried up mountains and my fat brain speaks languages ​​you probably wouldn't want to learn, that's why you spend so much time in your van - because you have nothing better to do.

I recently decided to take up exercise because I thought it would be fun and good for my health. Not that I have to defend my body from you, but my goal is to run ten kilometers - and I can do it. I've lost over six pounds and I can do a lot of things that I couldn't before. It upsets me that someone wants to discourage me despite this achievement. Sorry if my assumptions about you are wrong, but I can only judge you based on your actions. If my running fat ass (I was honestly pretty slow because I was so broken) annoys you and spoils your ride, try driving with your eyes closed - right against a lamppost. "

At the end of her letter, however, Lindsey forgives the bully and clearly says that she even feels sorry for him. After all, his behavior is "not normal" and his manners are "not worth mentioning". Your final sentences are an inspiration to any person (fat or thin) who shouldn't give up on their goals.

"I hope that everyone with a goal, regardless of whether they are fat or thin, will not let something like this get them down. I know that I am not."

And then one last well-intentioned tip: "Always switch your brain on before you say something." long sleeve formal dresses australia

Lindsey Swift caused quite a stir and positive response with her open and honest letter. The post has already been shared more than 17,000 times on Facebook. We definitely wish the strong plus-size jogger every success in achieving her goal!

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