Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Plus-size blogger Lisa Mosh: This is how I style myself for the holidays


Christmas is getting closer: Lisa presents us with her holiday outfit

I call them holiday dresses because they look solemn, easy as that. There is something special about them. An elegant shade, a beautiful cut. A great quality fabric in which you can feel good. The holidays are just around the corner. formal dresses for women

The company parties take place every weekend and I like to dress smartly for such occasions. I usually walk around in jeans and sneakers every day. There are also clothes that I don't buy new every year. They are just pieces that stay in my closet for a long time. Quality simply stands out at some point.

My H&M clothes, on the other hand, sometimes change hands or have to be thrown in the trash because they got holes while washing. We in Cologne say: You have to be able to do it. Today's fast fashion industry tells us more: Treat yourself to something cheaper, but much more. But the older I get (cough), the more the thirst for fast fashion is satisfied.

I would be interested in how you are doing? So I need 2-3 fashion pieces in the season for the respective trend, to be honest. Otherwise it doesn't suit my fashion blogger heart. But hey, I'm digressing. I hope you like the outfit!

By the way, in case you're wondering where we took these pictures ... yeah. Giulia and I had planned to shoot, as always on a Monday. However, it actually rains every day right now. If not, that's really lucky. Because of the motto, we wanted to shoot at the Christmas market in Cologne before they open, so that there are fewer people. long sleeve formal dresses

The evening before, however, I was drinking mulled wine at the Enzianhütte. It looks really nice there and I got the idea to shoot there. Zack asked the girls at the bar, they asked the boss and the whole thing was scratched. The next day at 11 a.m. we were able to shoot and we were really lucky. Because it rained like anything else.

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