Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Despite the plus size: I now wear everything I want


Who actually determines what a woman with curves can and cannot wear?

For many years, plus size women weer not interested in fashion. Why? Because the fashion industry wasn't interested in them. It was the same for me for a long time. Why go to the stores when there isn't anything my size anyway? 

Beautiful plus-size fashion off the rack has not been around for that long. Fortunately, a lot has happened there. Fat women used to flock to Ulla Pƶpken branches. This is no longer necessary today. H&M, C&A or Mango: Almost all big chains now have plus-size fashion on their radars. cheap formal dresses

But the problems remain:what suits me;what can i wear :what can be won in size 48? Many women who look like me (short and wide) find it difficult to choose. Often, despite the greater variety, we always end up with black long sweaters that are worn over tights or leggings (my former standard outfit).

But why actually? Who actually determines that if I am overweight I cannot wear the clothes that I find beautiful?


What I would never have worn before:

Tops that could accidentally slide up and show a mini gap from my stomach.

Jeans: Because jeans are simply the most difficult item of clothing in plus-size sizes. They have to sit and unfortunately they usually don't do that in size 48.

Anything a little sexy. Because sexy and fat didn't go together at all in my head

But then at some point fashion began to show interest in fat women. The first plus-size fashion bloggers became famous. And I was intrigued. And with the looks they presented, my desire to dress more excitingly grew too. And the fear of what people might think if I wear a skirt with no tights or a top without sleeves. long sleeve formal dresses australia

Today it is quite normal for me to dress like all other young women on the street. Skinny jeans are no problem, tight dresses or high heels: Today I am no longer afraid of clothes because I know that as a plus-size woman, I am not alone with my desire for fashion.

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