Tuesday, October 20, 2020

This is how you wear shorts even if you don't have a 38


Plus size and still shorts: yes, why not? You can also do a little trick with shorts

Many women have shorts in their closets, but NEVER wear them! Why actually? The legs too fat, the cellulite too obvious? Girls, get rid of these ideals of beauty. Because let's be honest: who is really perfect? And when it's warm in summer, nobody wants to cover themselves up. You don't even need to, because plus-size girls also look great in shorts. cheap formal dresses

Guido Maria Kretschmer already told us in an interview: "By the way, I am in favor of girls with thicker legs being allowed to wear shorts. Because they often look just as good! We have to say goodbye to the fact that we always believe when someone has shorts he must have such thin legs. "

The alpha and omega of plus size shorts

Not too short: so that you feel comfortable, you should make sure that your shorts are not so short. Then you don't always have to fiddle around with your shorts in case they slip up.

High Waist: A high waist hides tiny pockets and ensures that you feel comfortable even in shorts.

Solid color : Small patterns make you look thicker than you are. Solid-color shorts are better for plus-size girls. long sleeve formal dresses australia

Solid fabric: Jeans or solid cotton materials are better for thicker girls than viscose, silk or linen. These materials apply.


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