Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Plus-size bikini: 5 feel-good tips from curvy model Angelina Kirsch

 The bathing season is finally back in full swing. But for some women, the thought of a day at the beach turns into pure stress. Why? Because the small, unloved cushions in bikini & Co. are perceived as annoying. Angelina Kirsch, curvy model of the Place Models agency in Hamburg-Altona , finds no reason to hide and has exclusively revealed her 5 bikini feel-good tips for women with great curves!

This is how your curves look amazing in a bikini

Angelina Kirsch wears dress size 42/44 and is currently taking the fashion world by storm with her curves. Fashion shows in Milan, Madrid, London and Barcelona are now part of the everyday life of the 26-year-old beauty with sizes 100-74-111. Angelina is the best example of how incredibly beautiful curvy women can be. And so that you too can learn to love your curves - even in a bikini - here are Angelina's tips for a stunning appearance on the beach. formal dresses for women

1. A good fit is important

First of all, it is very important that your bikini / swimsuit fits super well! Nothing is worse than a top that flattens your beautiful curves or that is too wide at the bottom. Watch out: swimwear usually gives way a little in the water.

2. Conjure yourself an hourglass figure

If you are more of the "bum type", then I recommend a push-up top in a bikini or swimsuit, then you balance the ratio a bit. The "breast type" does without the extra portion in the top and instead chooses a bandeau top to make it look smaller. The "belly type" conjures up a waist either with high bikini bottoms, which is currently very trendy. Or you choose a swimsuit with great ruffles and advantageous patterns.

3. Courage to use color

Buy a bikini or swimsuit that you really like! Important: courage to use color! If black is indeed your absolute favorite color, that's okay. Otherwise choose nice bright or maritime colors! Then the beach day is even more fun!

4. Pre-brown a little

We go to the beach to get a tan, but a little "pre-tan" can't hurt! The skin looks fresher and plumper and your bikini looks so great! long sleeve formal dresses

5. Allow yourself to feel great

The most important tip at the end: Allow yourself to feel great! Every woman is beautiful and precisely because we don't all look the same, we should enjoy and live out our individuality! Love your body and your curves! With or without dents, if you find yourself beautiful, then others will too. Enjoy life because we only have one thing! And have a nice day at the beach, because there aren't that many of them either.

Thank you, dear Angelina, for these wonderful feel-good tips. Especially for tip 5, we would love to kiss you on the spot!

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