Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Dear fat woman, please don't always wear black!


Dick is a terrible word, nasty without end. Those who think of themselves as fat don't think much of themselves. But it should become clear what we're talking about here: women who weigh significantly more, who have decent curves, big butts, plump thighs,those in summer agonizingly rub against each other. formal dresses for women

It is precisely these women who are drummed into our society every day: You are too fat! Dick isn't pretty!

Hardly any overweight woman manages to ignore this external pressure. How are you supposed to feel good when you can only find suitable clothes at H&M in the fat corner and lingerie only up to size 42?

So a lot of us try to be invisible. Only wear black. From head to toe: only black-black-black! Should make you slim.


I really can't see that anymore!

These gloomy clothes seem like an admission of guilt: "Yes, I get it, you think I'm too fat, I'm ugly, so I try to hide as much of myself as possible."

You can tell by looking at the women in black how badly they think of themselves. And that is such a terrible shame.

Because 1. you can see the extra pounds even with black and 2. the eternal black seems to completely absorb all the joie de vivre in most fat women.

Of course, a black outfit can look dead chic! Only the complete look, including the dreary look that reveals the inner insecurity, often looks so bleak that it hurts. The viewer and the person themselves. How should a person feel who thinks that he is only bearable for other people if he dresses as inconspicuously as possible?

I want to encourage all the women who find themselves in this description. Dare to wear some color. Dare to emphasize the parts of your body that you like. You don't have to go for flashy colors. But a touch of color here and there can be really good. A shirt in delicate apricot will make your complexion shine. A skirt in bright blue can play around your legs beautifully.

When I see fat women who dare to dress flashily, I am often impressed. Because mostly they also radiate a zest for life that I would like to steal a large piece of. I then quietly think to myself: "Yes, she's doing exactly the right thing! What if I weigh too much, that doesn't have to mean that I always have to grieve!" long sleeve formal dresses

Let's take inspiration from these women. Let us all treat ourselves to more color and more zest for life! Fat or not fat - a woman in a chic outfit with sparkling eyes and a happy smile will always be a beautiful woman!

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