Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Plus-size model Ashley Graham shows off in sexy lingerie

 Plus-size model Ashley Graham is super sexy. We and your fans have known that for a long time.

But how sexy the beauty really is, you can see at least since Ashley started her own lingerie collection . And this shows once again that women with curves can also wear really beautiful and sexy underwear. formal dresses online

"Provacative" (German: provozierend ) is the name of the line that the model developed together with a fashion label. And that's exactly what the sharp parts do: They provoke. Because the hot cut-outs, straps and transparent lace are anything but good. And that's exactly what Ashley wants to get across. Because she puts her collection under the motto: "Sexy is a state of mind",which means something like " Sexy is a matter of attitude" . Ashley wants to convey to women: No matter what size you wear, you can be sexy in lingerie.  formal dresses with sleeves

You can order the beautiful lingerie now from the plus size label NavabiThe collection pieces are available in bra sizes 85D to 100E , panty sizes and neglig├ęs range from 42 to 52 in double sizes Have fun wearing and seducing!

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