Monday, September 7, 2020

Nike in XXL: The cult brand now makes sportswear for large sizes

 Sportswear manufacturer Nike is launching plus size fashion for the first time in its history and is being celebrated online for this. This is what the plus-size collection from Nike looks like.

Nike has long been THE brand for everyone who is passionate about sport - at least for those who fit in standardized sizes from XS to L. After that, it was the  end of the sportswear manufacturer's size range. It's as if women over size Ldidn't do any sports and therefore couldn't use cool shirts, leggings and hoodies.

The fact that this is incredibly stigmatizing and simply wrong has now finally reached the clothing manufacturer, because Nike clothing has recently also been available above size L. For a plus-size collection , Nike has now designed training wear up to size XXL and is promoting it strong power women. 


Why a plus size collection?

If you are wondering why Nike is not simply introducing larger sizes for existing collections and instead designing an entire plus-size collection , Helen Boucher, Vice President of the women's sports line, gives the ultimate explanation: the weight distribution is different for larger sizes, which is why they would oversized sizes of the usual models don't look good. Months of research have gone into the plus size collection to ensure that the clothing fits properly .  cheap formal dresses online

For the new collection various known advertise plus-size models  on their blogs and Instagram accounts for the new line, including fashion blogger Danielle Vanier and vlogger Grace VictoryThere are plenty of likes for this - including from us, because Nike shows one thing very clearly with its new collection: Beauty knows no norm.

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