Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Maite Kelly on plus-size fashion: "Fashion should be about my figure and not the other way around"

 Maite Kelly looks great and that's why we love the thoroughbred woman. She designs chic and modern plus-size fashion in large sizes for Bonprix.

Maite Kelly feels good in her skin. So why not in her clothes too? The 36-year-old mother designs fashion for the Bonprix mail order business. And with great success! No wonder, because the collection is perfectly tailored to plus-size women. Fashionable pieces that range from casual to chic. Every woman feels comfortable in it - no matter what size. And that is exactly what is important to Maite Kelly: fashion should do something for every woman - even in plus sizes.

Maite Kelly's new collection has been available at Bonprix since October 6th . Parkas, vests, or cardigans are perfect for plus size women. But still, Maite's collection is anything but boring. The sizes go up to 56. You can find the online shop here. formal dresses for women


And because Maite Kelly is a real expert on plus size fashion, we have collected her best advice for plus size women:

 “Clothes make me feel good to arm myself for the challenges of everyday life. I feel strong in certain items of clothing and feminine in others. It is important that you dress in a good feeling. "

“When it comes to fashion, I'm very diverse. Sometimes I dare to be more fashionable, sometimes I just like to wear a sweater and jeans - depending on how I feel for the day. "

“Comfort is important to me. But I don't want to forego a certain fashion factor and elegance. Because I still want to feel like a woman. "

"Fashion should revolve around my figure and not the other way around."

“Like most women, I have items of clothing in my closet that I don't wear. For example a silk blouse. It is not particularly suitable in everyday life with children. "

“I like to make myself beautiful for my partner. But above all for me too. "

“I take the liberty of putting on what I want. Even clothes that my husband doesn't like. I am completely myself. "

“I am very well prepared when it comes to clothing for upcoming events. I don't like going out without knowing what to expect. That's why I plan very foresight and put complete outfits together. Pack my suitcase in the same way. I also always have an emergency dress with me. "

“My favorite piece from the collection is the military coat. It turned out particularly beautiful and a real it-piece. The buttons are great. In combination with the rocking fake leather leggings, the outfit is perfect. We wanted to break new ground with the look. " long sleeve formal dresses

“The multiple possibilities of fashion are what is fun.

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