Monday, August 31, 2020

Big size swimwear: what to look out for

 No more pulling and pinching! From now on, plus-size mermaids wear swimwear that fits them perfectly.

The high-set, light blue bikini bottoms with sweet polka dots make small puffs on the stomach and hips visually disappear. The halter top with wide straps gives a large bust support without cutting into the shoulders. 
Photo: manufacturer


Now it's time to go to the beach!

Gone are the days when your swimsuit squeezed your chest and your swimsuit cut your bum. Today plus-size swimwear is a real eye-catcher - and stylish on top of that!

Visually swimsuits and bikini in large sizes do not have to hide behind the smaller models The great thing: With a few tricks and tricks, the wearing comfort for chubby bathing beauties is simply perfect.


Buying swimwear in large sizes: Our tips

1. If you have a large bust, you should definitely choose a bikini or swimsuit with wide straps. This prevents the weight of the chest from cutting into the shoulders and leaving painful welts.

2. Pay attention to the cut: the gathers around the bottom and waist of the swimwear distract from the small cushions.

3. Dark tones don't apply as quickly as light ones. So if you are unsure, choose a black or dark blue model.

4. Bathing trunks with a high waist look slim and conceal hip and stomach pads. semi formal dresses australia  

5. Swimsuits with black side elements conjure up a great silhouette and give shape.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Nike in XXL: The cult brand now makes sportswear for large sizes

Sportswear manufacturer Nike is launching plus size fashion for the first time in its history and is being celebrated online for this. This is what the plus-size collection from Nike looks like.

Nike has long been THE brand for everyone who is passionate about sport - at least for those who fit in standardized sizes from XS to L. After that it was the end of the size range of the sportswear manufacturer  It's as if women over size L didn't do any sports and therefore couldn't use cool shirts, leggings and hoodies.

The fact that this is incredibly stigmatizing and simply wrong has now finally reached the clothing manufacturer, because Nike clothing has recently also been available above size L. For a plus-size collection , Nike has now designed training wear up to size XXL and is promoting it strong power women. 


Why a plus size collection?

If you are now wondering why Nike is not simply introducing larger sizes for existing collections and instead designing an entire plus-size collection , Helen Boucher, Vice President of the women's sports line, gives the ultimate explanation: the weight distribution is different for larger sizes, which is why they would oversized sizes of the usual models don't look good. Months of research have gone into the plus size collection to ensure that the clothing fits properly semi formal dresses australia  

For the new collection various known advertise plus-size models  on their blogs and Instagram accounts for the new line, including fashion blogger Danielle Vanier and vlogger Grace Victory . There are lots of likes for this - also from us, because Nike shows one thing very clearly with its new collection: Beauty knows no norm.

Monday, August 17, 2020

These wedding outfits look best on plus size women

 Are you invited to a wedding and want to pack your curves particularly nicely for this occasion? We have tips for great plus-size wedding outfits!

The right outfit as a guest at a wedding  to find is not always easy. Not too provocative, not white, and not a bright tip - many things fall out when looking for an outfit. We have three outfit suggestions here that look particularly stunning on curvy women.

The most beautiful wedding plus size outfits

Curvy women - like less curvy women - should always make sure to emphasize their individual advantages. Before you put together an outfit for a wedding, ask yourself what you love most about yourself and focus your considerations on this.

Dream waists want to be emphasized with pencil skirts

If you have a nice waist, you should definitely showcase it. You can do this with almost any outfit with a belt - striking, but also simple models work for the effect. Do you not only love your waist, but also your buttocks? Then a pencil skirt is just right for you. It should be cut nicely high and reach at least to the knees so that it optimally emphasizes your curves. Perfect combination partners are simple blouses that play with transparency or blazers that turn the skirt into a costume.

Magical curves in a swinging midi dress

The swinging midi dress is a good choice, especially at high temperatures. Flowing fabrics in particular play seductively around curves. The next big plus: Dress on - outfit ready! We just have to choose accessories like jewelry and a handbag and a pair of shoes. A great companion here too: the waist belt - it creates an hourglass effect with the maxi dress.

Sophisticated in Marlene trousers

Although Victoria Beckham is anything but curvy, her looks with Marlene or palazzo pants are a great styling model for curvy women: The wide pants flow around the hips and legs and look elegant and sophisticated. Models with a high waistband, in particular, do a lot for our curves: Simply combine a blouse (ideally simply made of a flowing or semi-transparent material), tuck it into the trousers, put the belt on - done! Put on high pumps or sandals for endless legs and add that extra something with statement earrings. cheap formal dresses australia

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Plus size fashion: The most beautiful spring trends 2018 for curvy women

 Spring is already within reach and with the new season all sorts of new fashion trends for curvy women are moving into the shops. The online shops also delight us with beautiful plus size fashion. 

  1. Colorful dresses for spring 2018
  2. Floral tops & blouses with Carmen necklines
  3. Pants & skirts for curvy ladies

 Since the #bodypositivity movement at the latest, it has been clear that women with curves shouldn't hide themselves: every body is beautiful, no matter how curvy it is. More and more shops are therefore increasingly relying on plus size fashion. And it's wonderfully colorful for spring 2018The most beautiful trends at a glance - and how to wear them:

Colorful dresses for spring 2018

Lace and floral patterns define spring this year. The waist is emphasized with a belt, with kitten heels or - as a break in style - sneakers. A platform sole visually stretches. Choose simple accessories for print dresses and pick up a color. Plain-colored pieces tolerate shoes and bags with patterns. 

Pr: Mango

The two models are from Mango from the Violeta line. The lace dress you get for 99.99 euros, the wrap dress with floral print costs 69.99 euros.

Pr: Mango & amp; Asos

Pink is one of the trend colors in spring. The dress with flounces and asymmetrical hem by Asos looks particularly cool in the color-blocking trend with shoes or a bag in yellow. The ruffled midi dress by Mango is figure-hugging and looks particularly pretty with strappy sandals.


Floral tops & blouses with Carmen necklines

Stripes, Vichy (small checks), flowers and lace determine the fashion trends for 2018. The Carmen neckline remains a trend this year, plus the good old V-neckline (also popular with wedding dresses , by the way ) - and of course: flounces and ruffles . 

Classic striped blouses like those by Mango (top left) can be wonderfully elegantly combined with pencil skirts or jeans. The same applies to the two tops with a Carmen neckline and Vichy pattern (H&M and City Chick via Zalando) . You should only choose pants or a skirt with a high waistband for a cropped model like the top right from Asos made of delicate lace.


Pants & skirts for curvy ladies

Asymmetrical hems and flounces can also be found in skirts ; the houndstooth pattern will remain the trend in 2018. 

Pr: Mango and H&M

The midi skirt by Mango looks particularly beautiful with a playful blouse , with sneakers or sandals. High heels make the look chic. You can combine white sneakers and a T-shirt with the houndstooth treggings (a mix of trousers and leggings) by H&MA blazer in a bright color or a muted tone rounds off the outfit.  cheap formal dresses


You can't go wrong with pleated trousers (these are from Mango): They can be flexibly styled and are suitable for both dinner and the office. The jeans skirt by h&M looks rocky with boots, a white blouse breaks the casual look.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Summer dresses for large sizes: the 2018 trends

The summer dresses for large sizes are more stylish than ever in 2018: flowing cuts, great patterns, materials and colors that skilfully highlight female curves.
  1. Plus size trend: dresses in A-line with Carmen neckline
  2. Midi wrap dresses with flower print for large sizes
  3. Shirt dress in mini, midi or maxi length for curvy women
  4. Trend for large sizes: white linen dresses with button placket
  5. Plus size summer trend: tunic dresses in bright colors 

One thing should be said in advance: If you have curves, you should not hide them in black fabric! Of course, a "Little Black Dress" always looks good and elegant and conjures up a few pounds. But at 30 degrees in the shade that would be a) too hot, b) too boring and c) there are so nice summer dress trends this year that it would be a shame to just wear black. 

Plus size trend: dresses in A-line with Carmen neckline

If they were hyped like this in all sizes last year, dresses with the so-called Carmen neckline in A-line 2018 will remain. Practical: The dresses conceal wide hips and a little tummy, focusing on the legs and shoulders. Styling tip : Be sure to wear a strapless bra and choose a model that just reaches to the knee - otherwise it will look too sexy.

Midi wrap dresses with flower print for large sizes

When it comes to concealing problem areas, wrap dresses are a fashionable secret weapon because they skilfully emphasize the waist. The dresses were designed by designer Diane von F├╝rstenberg in 1974 and are still trendy today. Styling tip : Floral wrap dresses in midi length look particularly elegant with high heels:

Shirt dress in mini, midi or maxi length for curvy women

The shirt dress looks feminine due to the cut, the mostly associated band emphasizes the waist. Vertical stripes stretch visually and are absolutely popular this summer. The length of the dress does not matter. Styling tip : If you want your legs to be stretched a little, wear shoes with a platform sole or high heels. But sneakers can look just as good:

Trend for large sizes: white linen dresses with button placket

Three trends in one: white, eye-catching button placket and the material of the year - linen! The wonderfully light fabric is not bulky and white can be combined with everything. Styling tip:  You can add variety to your outfit if you choose a bang or - as in the look below - a metallic tone, such as bronze sandals:

Plus size summer trend: tunic dresses in bright colors 

Whether on the beach, in the city or for a picnic in the park: Tunic dresses are made for the hot months thanks to the light cotton fabric. Styling tip : It's best to wear flat shoes, such as sandals, sneakers or espadrilles. Heeled shoes can look too chic and unsuitable in such a relaxed dress. The only exception: mules with a maximum of two centimeters of heel (more styling tips for tunic dresses can be found here by the way ). cheap formal dresses