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Interview with Guido Maria Kretschmer: "Just feel good, regardless of whether you are just size 48, because that's okay"

For the fall / winter season 2018, Guido Maria Kretschmer teamed up with Otto and designed a curvy collection under the motto "Size Revolution". In an interview with Wunderweib, Germany's favorite designers talk about diversity and why plus-size and curvy collections are so important.
What is there should be packaged well: Guido Maria Kretschmer, like no other designer, stands for the fact that great looks and feel good and beautiful have nothing to do with clothing sizes. Five days a week he compliments, lovingly criticizes and gives tips on his Shopping Queen show that not only the candidates take to heart. "It doesn't do anything for you" is probably one of the most common and at the same time most important statements, because fashion should do something for us - it should make us look good and make us feel good, with every curve and uniqueness that we have.

Interview with Guido Maria Kretschmer

Dear Guido, the new Curvy collection was presented under the motto "Size Revolution", why did you choose this motto for the collection? Why do we need a “size revolution” at all?
I believe that it is important to create a movement in which women feel comfortable in their sizes, no matter which size, even in larger sizes - at the stage they are in at the moment. This is the message, so to speak: just feel good, no matter if you are just size 48, because that is fine - it is perfectly clear that you want to wear a 44 or 46, but even if it turns 50, you have to Being there that gives women the chance to feel good and comfortable, period. And that's exactly what I created with my Curvy Collection together with OTTO. It is important that society notices - including those who are not "plus" - that the "plus" simply belongs. Diversity is more important than ever.
Can you do something with your Curvy collection for a more open ideal of beauty and a more positive understanding of the body?
In any case, fashion has always been that we crochet, fashion is the stick that you can hold on to and get through life with. The most important thing is that you trust what you wear and feel well presented. That is exactly why we designers are the best partners for a self-determined life, no matter for which woman.  
Do you think the "Curvy" or "Plus-Size" category is necessary to suit different body types or should such special categories be abolished?
I think “curvy” is simply a label, so that women who are Plus can also find their things, a label, so to speak. That is why it is also necessary to design a collection that has larger sizes, because they are proportioned differently, just like my #sizerevolution collection with OTTO: It has its own language, even in the larger sizes, because you should wear them with pride! Therefore, it is completely ok for me to call the plus or oversize, large size or curvy, because this is a term for women who fully deserve to get their own collection.

Concealing or emphasizing: What should your fashion do for curvy people?
The parts of my OTTO collection are sure to do both: They have to be optimized in any case, that is the most important thing for me. Then they can also conceal and flatter, but the most important message is to pack what is there well.
The collection is made to live in: How does this show in the items in the collection, in the materials and the workmanship?
These are simply good qualities that work well all year round and are also pleasant on the skin, well and decently processed and produced, as is known from OTTO. Of course, the material's comfort is also very important, which means a good mix of blends - that's what makes a good piece of clothing for me. cheap formal dresses australia
The dress is not perfect or the hem is too long: send it back or ...? 
What everyone has to do, and now comes a very important message, please be careful: not everyone is the same and you cannot optimize by sending it back. Sometimes you also need to have a tailor. There's always a great tailor around the corner who cuts a little here, makes it a little less tight, takes a little bit in one place because you have a little less right here. Every now and then look where a good tailor is, because everyone has a good family doctor, a good dentist, a good gynecologist, and so every woman needs a good tailor who optimizes your clothes for little money. Then a lot of people would not send anything back and a lot of energy would be saved, and moreover everyone would have a much better life cycle assessment. You also create jobs, and isn't it great to stand in front of a mirror at the tailor and see "Now it's perfect" ?! This is exactly what can make off-the-shelf fashion difficult to experience, which is exactly why there used to be couture - Welcome to reality (laughs).

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