Tuesday, June 23, 2020

These 2019 fashion trends are particularly good for curvy women!

Fashion trends look the best on size zero models? Not correct! These fashion pieces 2019 look a lot better for curvy women!
Diets, diets, diets: Especially the beginning of the year is full of weight loss resolutions (whether they are good, let it be said) and unattainable body ideals. This delusion can really cloud your view: This is particularly evident in fashion trends and the question of what fits which figure. The fact is, just like there are parts and cuts that make slim figure types better, there are also many fashion pieces that really make a difference with curves - and here they come: The most beautiful fashion trends 2019 for all women with curves are blessed.

These 2019 fashion trends are especially beautiful with curves

Workwear overalls: Aka Boilersuits

Clothing with a masculine touch makes all women who are not small and delicate look boyish? No! Exactly the opposite is the case, because pronounced feminine curves create an exciting contrast between femininity and masculinity. Boilersuits, for example, look much stronger with their bosom or beautifully wide hips and neat bottom. Little trick for the hourglass figure:choose a casually cut jumpsuit and emphasize the waist with a nice belt. Elegant shoes (preferably with heels) and feminine accessories complete the look.

Tone-on-tone combinations

Tone-on-tone combinations are anything but monotonous: Especially with curves, fine-tuned color harmonies are particularly beautiful, because it is the body silhouette that makes the look special. In 2019, combinations with natural tones are particularly popular, but also bright colors (e.g. a rich green) are great companions for spring. How about a tight-fitting midi knit skirt, a matching sweater and a trench coat or wool coat in the same or a similar tone?

Let ruffles and frills work for your curves

The fact is, ruffles and ruffles wear. Should you avoid them because of this? Under no circumstance! It is merely to use them specifically for their own figure. Both ruffles and ruffles are figure wizards - not by making them slim, but by giving more volume where we want it to be. Do you have wide hips and little breast? Try the ruffle blouse fashion trend! Your bust size is perfect, but can your hips raise the alarm? A midi-length flounce skirt is the answer here.

High waisted marlene and palazzo pants

Who would have thought: Victoria Beckham's signature look suits women with pronounced curves at least as well - if not better. The wide swinging pants are elegant and at the same time as comfortable as sweatpants. A little tip: Make sure that the figures are cut up and shape the waist nicely. Blouses are theperfect combination partner - especially with lots of patterns, they complete monochrome palazzo and marlene pants.

Trekking boots: what do they have to do with curves?

The world's fashionistas wear them up and down: trekking boots. The coarse and somewhat ugly footwear is an absolute favorite in 2019 - in summer 2019 even trekking sandals are trendy. And what does that have to do with curvy women now? Quite simply: silhouette, silhouette, silhouette. Very slim women with thin legs quickly look in trekking boots as if they had used their father's shoe cabinet. Curvy women can wear the coarse and chunky shoes without looking like a foreign body on them. Styling idea:Use trekking boots for style breaks! The grobiane simply look great with feminine skirts, dresses or a skinny-jeans-oversize-sweater combination (don't forget your waist belt). semi formal dresses australia  

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