Monday, June 29, 2020

Plus-size lingerie: this is how you find the right one for you

Lush breasts and curved hips: The right lingerie brings out the most beautiful sides in plus-size women. The best tips for curve stars.
  1. The best packaging for a beautiful, big breast
  2. The perfect panties for plus size women
  3. Bodysuits: Beautiful on ALL women

Fortunately, the fact that there is no beautiful lingerie for women with large breasts or larger clothing sizes is no longer a stubborn rumor. There are exciting and playful  bras as well as panties, corsages, bustiers et cetera for every figure type. The most beautiful lingerie show the female body just as beautifully as it is.

The best packaging for a beautiful, big breast

The bigger the breast, the more support it needs. Underwire bras with wide straps are ideal for plus-size women. Very important: The bra has to fit just right. Around 70 percent of all women choose bras that are too small. Not only is this uncomfortable, it also doesn't look good.
For lush curves, the temples should fully encompass the breasts. Then they also support him ideally. What else is important: Slightly wider straps prevent them from cutting their shoulders into the meat. The bridge between the breasts should fly well on the skin . 
Big breasts also want to be flattered perfectly. 
Photo: PR PrimaDonna

If you want to show a little more of your pretty shapes, put on a half-cup bra . So your breasts are wonderfully staged.

The perfect panties for plus size women

Just like with the bra, the rule applies: just not too small . Because no matter what clothing size or body type: Underwear that is too tight is not only uncomfortable, but also not beneficial. On the other hand, the panties should not be cut too large or too straight, because then they can visually shorten the legs.
The right leg cut-out not only highlights the hips, but also the legs. 
Photo: PR PrimaDonna

A slightly cut leg cut and a slightly higher cut on the belly ideally emphasize the curves. If you have rather strong hips, you might not want very wide-cut briefs . Because they can magnify optically. In this case, a slightly cut leg is nicer, as you can see it in the photo above.

Bodysuits: Beautiful on ALL women

Bodysuits are not only particularly sexy , they are also great to wear under dresses. Because everything from the legs to the breast is beautifully packaged, there are no signs of wear. semi formal dresses australia  

Everything is well packed in bodysuits - simply to feel good and sexy. 
Photo: PR PrimaDonna
And the best thing about a body like this: while wearing it, you feel particularly sexy yourself. And you will have exactly this sexy charisma!

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