Wednesday, October 21, 2020

What Types Of Formal Dresses Look Good For Plus Size Fat Grils

What Types Of Formal Dresses Look Good For Plus Size Fat Grils: Is fat girl always envious of thin girl who can easily pick beautiful evening dress? Don't worry, fat girls to learn what kind of small dress should choose to match more lovely and beautiful? 1. Pleats are the best way to hide fat. Whether you wear boots or skirts, you can choose pleats as your lit

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

This is how you wear shorts even if you don't have a 38


Plus size and still shorts: yes, why not? You can also do a little trick with shorts

Many women have shorts in their closets, but NEVER wear them! Why actually? The legs too fat, the cellulite too obvious? Girls, get rid of these ideals of beauty. Because let's be honest: who is really perfect? And when it's warm in summer, nobody wants to cover themselves up. You don't even need to, because plus-size girls also look great in shorts. cheap formal dresses

Guido Maria Kretschmer already told us in an interview: "By the way, I am in favor of girls with thicker legs being allowed to wear shorts. Because they often look just as good! We have to say goodbye to the fact that we always believe when someone has shorts he must have such thin legs. "

The alpha and omega of plus size shorts

Not too short: so that you feel comfortable, you should make sure that your shorts are not so short. Then you don't always have to fiddle around with your shorts in case they slip up.

High Waist: A high waist hides tiny pockets and ensures that you feel comfortable even in shorts.

Solid color : Small patterns make you look thicker than you are. Solid-color shorts are better for plus-size girls. long sleeve formal dresses australia

Solid fabric: Jeans or solid cotton materials are better for thicker girls than viscose, silk or linen. These materials apply.


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Dear fat woman, please don't always wear black!


Dick is a terrible word, nasty without end. Those who think of themselves as fat don't think much of themselves. But it should become clear what we're talking about here: women who weigh significantly more, who have decent curves, big butts, plump thighs,those in summer agonizingly rub against each other. formal dresses for women

It is precisely these women who are drummed into our society every day: You are too fat! Dick isn't pretty!

Hardly any overweight woman manages to ignore this external pressure. How are you supposed to feel good when you can only find suitable clothes at H&M in the fat corner and lingerie only up to size 42?

So a lot of us try to be invisible. Only wear black. From head to toe: only black-black-black! Should make you slim.


I really can't see that anymore!

These gloomy clothes seem like an admission of guilt: "Yes, I get it, you think I'm too fat, I'm ugly, so I try to hide as much of myself as possible."

You can tell by looking at the women in black how badly they think of themselves. And that is such a terrible shame.

Because 1. you can see the extra pounds even with black and 2. the eternal black seems to completely absorb all the joie de vivre in most fat women.

Of course, a black outfit can look dead chic! Only the complete look, including the dreary look that reveals the inner insecurity, often looks so bleak that it hurts. The viewer and the person themselves. How should a person feel who thinks that he is only bearable for other people if he dresses as inconspicuously as possible?

I want to encourage all the women who find themselves in this description. Dare to wear some color. Dare to emphasize the parts of your body that you like. You don't have to go for flashy colors. But a touch of color here and there can be really good. A shirt in delicate apricot will make your complexion shine. A skirt in bright blue can play around your legs beautifully.

When I see fat women who dare to dress flashily, I am often impressed. Because mostly they also radiate a zest for life that I would like to steal a large piece of. I then quietly think to myself: "Yes, she's doing exactly the right thing! What if I weigh too much, that doesn't have to mean that I always have to grieve!" long sleeve formal dresses

Let's take inspiration from these women. Let us all treat ourselves to more color and more zest for life! Fat or not fat - a woman in a chic outfit with sparkling eyes and a happy smile will always be a beautiful woman!

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Plus-size bikini: 5 feel-good tips from curvy model Angelina Kirsch

 The bathing season is finally back in full swing. But for some women, the thought of a day at the beach turns into pure stress. Why? Because the small, unloved cushions in bikini & Co. are perceived as annoying. Angelina Kirsch, curvy model of the Place Models agency in Hamburg-Altona , finds no reason to hide and has exclusively revealed her 5 bikini feel-good tips for women with great curves!

This is how your curves look amazing in a bikini

Angelina Kirsch wears dress size 42/44 and is currently taking the fashion world by storm with her curves. Fashion shows in Milan, Madrid, London and Barcelona are now part of the everyday life of the 26-year-old beauty with sizes 100-74-111. Angelina is the best example of how incredibly beautiful curvy women can be. And so that you too can learn to love your curves - even in a bikini - here are Angelina's tips for a stunning appearance on the beach. formal dresses for women

1. A good fit is important

First of all, it is very important that your bikini / swimsuit fits super well! Nothing is worse than a top that flattens your beautiful curves or that is too wide at the bottom. Watch out: swimwear usually gives way a little in the water.

2. Conjure yourself an hourglass figure

If you are more of the "bum type", then I recommend a push-up top in a bikini or swimsuit, then you balance the ratio a bit. The "breast type" does without the extra portion in the top and instead chooses a bandeau top to make it look smaller. The "belly type" conjures up a waist either with high bikini bottoms, which is currently very trendy. Or you choose a swimsuit with great ruffles and advantageous patterns.

3. Courage to use color

Buy a bikini or swimsuit that you really like! Important: courage to use color! If black is indeed your absolute favorite color, that's okay. Otherwise choose nice bright or maritime colors! Then the beach day is even more fun!

4. Pre-brown a little

We go to the beach to get a tan, but a little "pre-tan" can't hurt! The skin looks fresher and plumper and your bikini looks so great! long sleeve formal dresses

5. Allow yourself to feel great

The most important tip at the end: Allow yourself to feel great! Every woman is beautiful and precisely because we don't all look the same, we should enjoy and live out our individuality! Love your body and your curves! With or without dents, if you find yourself beautiful, then others will too. Enjoy life because we only have one thing! And have a nice day at the beach, because there aren't that many of them either.

Thank you, dear Angelina, for these wonderful feel-good tips. Especially for tip 5, we would love to kiss you on the spot!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Why the search for a plus-size wedding outfit almost drove me crazy

Plus-size shopping is no longer a real problem. But as a maid of honor for a wedding? The pure horror! The experience report of a plus-size model.

I stand in the locker room and look down at myself. I don't like what I see there. Not at all A knee-length skirt without any contour and a pair of chunky shoes with block heels. Dreadful. As a plus-size girl, why can't I look just as classy and chic as others at weddings ? The search for my wedding outfit in size 48 almost drove me crazy! formal dresses for women


"I just don't look fancy!"

When I imagine myself, it is usually in a size 38. All the clothes that I see and find beautiful, I do not imagine in a large size, but as they hang on the dollIt has always been like this. Although I've always been tall. But of course it doesn't work that way. Pencil skirts and pointed pumps look neither chic nor classy on me, they just look impossible. So far so good. But I still don't see why I have to change to wide Walle-Walle skirts and flat shoes.

It starts with the shoes : I have big legs and big ankles. So actually every shoe looks much too filigree in relation to the leg . Actually, I don't have the option of wearing a coarser shoe as a counterweight to my leg. Chic stiletto heels definitely fall out of the way.

It continues with tight clothes: a body-hugging dress quickly looks overly sexy, especially in plus sizes. Not that I wouldn't like to wear that too. But a wedding is not the right place for me to dress sexy.


"Black stretches - but is out!"

And first the color choice: black is out . Actually my favorite color for any festive occasion. With red lipstick and the right jewelry, black always looks classy. But since weddings are mostly in summer, dark colors like black, dark green and dark blue actually fall out. And let's be honest: black at a wedding is somehow inappropriate. After all, it's not a memorial service!

So let's be clear: Even if I love my pounds and usually never have problems with shopping to find a chic outfit for a wedding in size 48, it almost drove me crazy!

Plus-size dresses are mostly casual and suitable for everyday use or emphasize feminine shapes so much that they are absolutely unsuitable for weddings. No more, dear designers! long sleeve formal dresses

I want light summer dresses that offer support and flatter my figure. And I would like to have chic, light shoes that don't look tiny even on a wide foot and ankle. It hasn't worked out so well this year. But I am very confident that next year I will finally find the perfect wedding outfit in size 48!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Plus-size model Ashley Graham shows off in sexy lingerie

 Plus-size model Ashley Graham is super sexy. We and your fans have known that for a long time.

But how sexy the beauty really is, you can see at least since Ashley started her own lingerie collection . And this shows once again that women with curves can also wear really beautiful and sexy underwear. formal dresses online

"Provacative" (German: provozierend ) is the name of the line that the model developed together with a fashion label. And that's exactly what the sharp parts do: They provoke. Because the hot cut-outs, straps and transparent lace are anything but good. And that's exactly what Ashley wants to get across. Because she puts her collection under the motto: "Sexy is a state of mind",which means something like " Sexy is a matter of attitude" . Ashley wants to convey to women: No matter what size you wear, you can be sexy in lingerie.  formal dresses with sleeves

You can order the beautiful lingerie now from the plus size label NavabiThe collection pieces are available in bra sizes 85D to 100E , panty sizes and neglig├ęs range from 42 to 52 in double sizes Have fun wearing and seducing!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Maite Kelly on plus-size fashion: "Fashion should be about my figure and not the other way around"

 Maite Kelly looks great and that's why we love the thoroughbred woman. She designs chic and modern plus-size fashion in large sizes for Bonprix.

Maite Kelly feels good in her skin. So why not in her clothes too? The 36-year-old mother designs fashion for the Bonprix mail order business. And with great success! No wonder, because the collection is perfectly tailored to plus-size women. Fashionable pieces that range from casual to chic. Every woman feels comfortable in it - no matter what size. And that is exactly what is important to Maite Kelly: fashion should do something for every woman - even in plus sizes.

Maite Kelly's new collection has been available at Bonprix since October 6th . Parkas, vests, or cardigans are perfect for plus size women. But still, Maite's collection is anything but boring. The sizes go up to 56. You can find the online shop here. formal dresses for women


And because Maite Kelly is a real expert on plus size fashion, we have collected her best advice for plus size women:

 “Clothes make me feel good to arm myself for the challenges of everyday life. I feel strong in certain items of clothing and feminine in others. It is important that you dress in a good feeling. "

“When it comes to fashion, I'm very diverse. Sometimes I dare to be more fashionable, sometimes I just like to wear a sweater and jeans - depending on how I feel for the day. "

“Comfort is important to me. But I don't want to forego a certain fashion factor and elegance. Because I still want to feel like a woman. "

"Fashion should revolve around my figure and not the other way around."

“Like most women, I have items of clothing in my closet that I don't wear. For example a silk blouse. It is not particularly suitable in everyday life with children. "

“I like to make myself beautiful for my partner. But above all for me too. "

“I take the liberty of putting on what I want. Even clothes that my husband doesn't like. I am completely myself. "

“I am very well prepared when it comes to clothing for upcoming events. I don't like going out without knowing what to expect. That's why I plan very foresight and put complete outfits together. Pack my suitcase in the same way. I also always have an emergency dress with me. "

“My favorite piece from the collection is the military coat. It turned out particularly beautiful and a real it-piece. The buttons are great. In combination with the rocking fake leather leggings, the outfit is perfect. We wanted to break new ground with the look. " long sleeve formal dresses

“The multiple possibilities of fashion are what is fun.