Monday, August 3, 2020

Summer dresses for large sizes: the 2018 trends

The summer dresses for large sizes are more stylish than ever in 2018: flowing cuts, great patterns, materials and colors that skilfully highlight female curves.
  1. Plus size trend: dresses in A-line with Carmen neckline
  2. Midi wrap dresses with flower print for large sizes
  3. Shirt dress in mini, midi or maxi length for curvy women
  4. Trend for large sizes: white linen dresses with button placket
  5. Plus size summer trend: tunic dresses in bright colors 

One thing should be said in advance: If you have curves, you should not hide them in black fabric! Of course, a "Little Black Dress" always looks good and elegant and conjures up a few pounds. But at 30 degrees in the shade that would be a) too hot, b) too boring and c) there are so nice summer dress trends this year that it would be a shame to just wear black. 

Plus size trend: dresses in A-line with Carmen neckline

If they were hyped like this in all sizes last year, dresses with the so-called Carmen neckline in A-line 2018 will remain. Practical: The dresses conceal wide hips and a little tummy, focusing on the legs and shoulders. Styling tip : Be sure to wear a strapless bra and choose a model that just reaches to the knee - otherwise it will look too sexy.

Midi wrap dresses with flower print for large sizes

When it comes to concealing problem areas, wrap dresses are a fashionable secret weapon because they skilfully emphasize the waist. The dresses were designed by designer Diane von Fürstenberg in 1974 and are still trendy today. Styling tip : Floral wrap dresses in midi length look particularly elegant with high heels:

Shirt dress in mini, midi or maxi length for curvy women

The shirt dress looks feminine due to the cut, the mostly associated band emphasizes the waist. Vertical stripes stretch visually and are absolutely popular this summer. The length of the dress does not matter. Styling tip : If you want your legs to be stretched a little, wear shoes with a platform sole or high heels. But sneakers can look just as good:

Trend for large sizes: white linen dresses with button placket

Three trends in one: white, eye-catching button placket and the material of the year - linen! The wonderfully light fabric is not bulky and white can be combined with everything. Styling tip:  You can add variety to your outfit if you choose a bang or - as in the look below - a metallic tone, such as bronze sandals:

Plus size summer trend: tunic dresses in bright colors 

Whether on the beach, in the city or for a picnic in the park: Tunic dresses are made for the hot months thanks to the light cotton fabric. Styling tip : It's best to wear flat shoes, such as sandals, sneakers or espadrilles. Heeled shoes can look too chic and unsuitable in such a relaxed dress. The only exception: mules with a maximum of two centimeters of heel (more styling tips for tunic dresses can be found here by the way ). cheap formal dresses

Monday, July 27, 2020

Aldi: Now comes Angelina Kirsch's collection for curvy women

Angelina Kirsch is probably Germany's best-known plus-size model. With Aldi she has now designed a collection for curvy women.
“There are many women who don't wear size 36, but 44 and taller. And it is time that these women also have fashion in which they feel beautiful, that is trendy, comfortable and suitable for everyday use, ” explains Angelina Kirsch in a press release from Aldi. The declared goal of the model and the discounter is to make women with larger dress sizes more interested in fashion.
Germany's best-known curvy model Angelina Kirsch has designed a collection for curvy women with Aldi.

Kirsch is not only an internationally successful model for plus-size fashion,but also a juror for the RTL II casting show "Curvy Supermodel". Your autumn / winter collection, created in cooperation with Aldi, should convince with a modern style and flattering cuts. From dresses, sweaters and jeans to warm parkas and boots, everything a complete wardrobe needs for the cold seasons is included . What is special: Each piece has a little something extra like sequins, prints or ruffles.

The fall / winter collection by Angelina should be trendy, comfortable and suitable for everyday use. 
From November 19, 2018, the 32 parts of the collection will be waiting at Aldi North and South waiting for women with a desire for fashion who are not wearing sizes 42 or smaller, but sizes 44 to 54. With prices between 6.99 euros and 34.99 euros , Angelina's collection is within the usual Aldi price range.
The idea of ​​offering beautiful and up-to-date fashion for larger clothing sizes has long ceased to be an isolated phenomenon : plus-size and curvy collections are on the fashionable advance. More and more designers, fashion houses and women are showing that great style is possible with every dress size. For example, Guido Maria Kretschmer recently started a "size revolution" with the mail-order giant Otto.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

These are the best online shops for curvy women

Shopping beyond size 44 can be exhausting, because unfortunately - it seems - the market is not made for this. But these plus-size online shops have made it their business to change that.
Fashion and curvy women are two topics that unfortunately often do not go together naturally. Instead of simply choosing a larger size, they need special fabrics and patterns that don't apply, but instead emphasize their curves in the right places. That the look should still correspond to the current fashion and the shopping experience is one that you can actually enjoy shouldn't be too much to ask. Nevertheless, it is often more difficult than you might think.

But over time the shopping offer also changes and so we have discovered a few pages that deal with the subject of plus size fashion in a fashionable and current way.

These are the best online shops for plus size fashion

Violeta by Mango

You can always rely on the Spanish Mango label for current trends at low prices. For some time now there has also been the Violeta by Mango sub-line , which is in no way inferior to the rest of the collection. Classics in puristic cuts meet fashionable feminine parts and dress the modern and self-confident woman. Here you shop online and in the store up to size 54.

Asos Curve

The online retailer Asos now also offers a plus size line under the name Asos Curve, but also has many other brands in its range that produce clothing up to size 56. As with Asos Petite and Asos Tall, pieces from the main collection are often taken here and adapted to different needs.


The trendy online retailer Refoemation, which has been responsible for some hype in the past, is not only sustainable, but has also been offering selected parts from the main collection up to size 3XL since the beginning of the year. The spring collection was designed in collaboration with curvy model Ali Tate Cutler and includes the same feminine cuts and playful colors and patterns for which we know and love the label. Although the online shop comes from the USA, it also ships to Germany.

New look curves

With its Plus Size line, the British retailer New Look caters for everyone who is looking for a trendy party outfit in large sizes. For party dresses or feminine blouses, women will find something here from dress sizes 46 to 60.

H&M +

No shopping list would ever be complete without everyone's favorite Sweden H&M. In the H&M + department, the label, as well as online and in stores, now offers a large selection of classic and current items in sizes 44 to 56 - this also applies to underwear, swimwear and sportswear.


If you like exquisite designer fashion, you will find it at Navabi In the premium segment, over 150 brands are offered here in clothing sizes 42 to 60 - but only after they have been “tested” on real plus-size women. Services such as style advice and constant outfit inspiration can also be accessed here for the best possible shopping experience.

Anna Scholz

Under the slogan #exclusivelyplussize, Anna Scholzshops feminine cuts and modern patterns up to size 54.

11 Honoré

Known after the famous Parisian shopping street, 11 Honore is a real insider tip among the plus size stores. The concept is unique: if you like designer fashion, you can shop directly from the current collections of the catwalks of this world. With free, there are fashionable editorials that stage designer fashion like a fashion magazine. The shop comes from the USA, but also delivers to Germany.

June rose

If you are familiar with the modern styles of the Dutch shop Junarose , you have come to the right place: it is a sister brand of Vero Moda. Here, deceptively similar, modern pieces up to size 54 are offered.

Zalando Big Sizes

The Zalando online shop also has a department for sizes over 44. Up to size 56, you can shop to your heart's content in the usual extensive brand portfolio.


The Evans online shop offers a huge selection up to size 56 Under various labels there are current parts at moderate prices.


In the online shop Sheego you shop according to figure type up to size 58 and also get useful shopping tips under the "Advice" tab. cheap formal dresses

Monday, July 13, 2020

Fashion for curvy women: five trend pieces that every woman from size 42 needs

Attention, curvy ladies: blouses, swimsuits and high waist skirt - you should have these trend pieces in your closet. They not only emphasize curves perfectly, but also prove that you should definitely show them.
First of all: women in the fashion world are considered a plus size from size 38 - we cannot understand that. Generally speaking, one speaks of chubby models from size 42 onwards. This is actually a joke - if a woman wears size 42, she is anything but chubby. But in the textile industry, this is what is defined, " said Plus Size agency manager Martin-Zick in an interview with the moirror
Let's leave that with the sizes. They're just a number anyway. We prefer to deal with fashion itself, which has to be stale and baggy, just as the image still prevails in many people's heads. If you have curves, please show them. And you can't go wrong with these five trend parts:

Bodycon dress 

The biggest fashion mistake you can make: make your curves disappear in an XXL tent. First, you don't have to, and second, you look so much wider than you are. A bodycon dress highlights your feminine curves . Combined with a denim jacket or a blouson and sneakers, the look looks casual. It gets elegant in high heels.

Showy blouses 

Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles, knots are not for clothes size 42 plus? Nonsense! If you have broad shoulders, you should at the most take care not to wear a blouse with ruffles on your arms, otherwise it can look very boxy. Otherwise, narrow jeans fit just as well as a pencil skirt or Marlene pants . Just give it a try and don't hesitate to choose a bright color. After all, everyone can do black.

Hot swimsuit

Why hide just because the sign shows size 46? Swimsuits and bikinis look hot on curvy women. A model with cut-outs and a high waistband above the navel shapes the body and looks sexy at the same time:

High waist skirt

High-rise skirts in midi, mini or maxi length conjure up a wonderful hourglass silhouette and can be combined in many ways: they can look chic with a thin turtleneck sweater, a white t-shirt with a leather jacket brings a break in style.

A wide belt 

Belts are not only practical when the jeans slip - they also emphasize the waist wonderfully . So you can bring oversize pieces into shape or just add a cool accent to your outfit.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Interview with Guido Maria Kretschmer: "Just feel good, regardless of whether you are just size 48, because that's okay"

For the fall / winter season 2018, Guido Maria Kretschmer teamed up with Otto and designed a curvy collection under the motto "Size Revolution". In an interview with Wunderweib, Germany's favorite designers talk about diversity and why plus-size and curvy collections are so important.
What is there should be packaged well: Guido Maria Kretschmer, like no other designer, stands for the fact that great looks and feel good and beautiful have nothing to do with clothing sizes. Five days a week he compliments, lovingly criticizes and gives tips on his Shopping Queen show that not only the candidates take to heart. "It doesn't do anything for you" is probably one of the most common and at the same time most important statements, because fashion should do something for us - it should make us look good and make us feel good, with every curve and uniqueness that we have.

Interview with Guido Maria Kretschmer

Dear Guido, the new Curvy collection was presented under the motto "Size Revolution", why did you choose this motto for the collection? Why do we need a “size revolution” at all?
I believe that it is important to create a movement in which women feel comfortable in their sizes, no matter which size, even in larger sizes - at the stage they are in at the moment. This is the message, so to speak: just feel good, no matter if you are just size 48, because that is fine - it is perfectly clear that you want to wear a 44 or 46, but even if it turns 50, you have to Being there that gives women the chance to feel good and comfortable, period. And that's exactly what I created with my Curvy Collection together with OTTO. It is important that society notices - including those who are not "plus" - that the "plus" simply belongs. Diversity is more important than ever.
Can you do something with your Curvy collection for a more open ideal of beauty and a more positive understanding of the body?
In any case, fashion has always been that we crochet, fashion is the stick that you can hold on to and get through life with. The most important thing is that you trust what you wear and feel well presented. That is exactly why we designers are the best partners for a self-determined life, no matter for which woman.  
Do you think the "Curvy" or "Plus-Size" category is necessary to suit different body types or should such special categories be abolished?
I think “curvy” is simply a label, so that women who are Plus can also find their things, a label, so to speak. That is why it is also necessary to design a collection that has larger sizes, because they are proportioned differently, just like my #sizerevolution collection with OTTO: It has its own language, even in the larger sizes, because you should wear them with pride! Therefore, it is completely ok for me to call the plus or oversize, large size or curvy, because this is a term for women who fully deserve to get their own collection.

Concealing or emphasizing: What should your fashion do for curvy people?
The parts of my OTTO collection are sure to do both: They have to be optimized in any case, that is the most important thing for me. Then they can also conceal and flatter, but the most important message is to pack what is there well.
The collection is made to live in: How does this show in the items in the collection, in the materials and the workmanship?
These are simply good qualities that work well all year round and are also pleasant on the skin, well and decently processed and produced, as is known from OTTO. Of course, the material's comfort is also very important, which means a good mix of blends - that's what makes a good piece of clothing for me. cheap formal dresses australia
The dress is not perfect or the hem is too long: send it back or ...? 
What everyone has to do, and now comes a very important message, please be careful: not everyone is the same and you cannot optimize by sending it back. Sometimes you also need to have a tailor. There's always a great tailor around the corner who cuts a little here, makes it a little less tight, takes a little bit in one place because you have a little less right here. Every now and then look where a good tailor is, because everyone has a good family doctor, a good dentist, a good gynecologist, and so every woman needs a good tailor who optimizes your clothes for little money. Then a lot of people would not send anything back and a lot of energy would be saved, and moreover everyone would have a much better life cycle assessment. You also create jobs, and isn't it great to stand in front of a mirror at the tailor and see "Now it's perfect" ?! This is exactly what can make off-the-shelf fashion difficult to experience, which is exactly why there used to be couture - Welcome to reality (laughs).

Monday, June 29, 2020

Plus-size lingerie: this is how you find the right one for you

Lush breasts and curved hips: The right lingerie brings out the most beautiful sides in plus-size women. The best tips for curve stars.
  1. The best packaging for a beautiful, big breast
  2. The perfect panties for plus size women
  3. Bodysuits: Beautiful on ALL women

Fortunately, the fact that there is no beautiful lingerie for women with large breasts or larger clothing sizes is no longer a stubborn rumor. There are exciting and playful  bras as well as panties, corsages, bustiers et cetera for every figure type. The most beautiful lingerie show the female body just as beautifully as it is.

The best packaging for a beautiful, big breast

The bigger the breast, the more support it needs. Underwire bras with wide straps are ideal for plus-size women. Very important: The bra has to fit just right. Around 70 percent of all women choose bras that are too small. Not only is this uncomfortable, it also doesn't look good.
For lush curves, the temples should fully encompass the breasts. Then they also support him ideally. What else is important: Slightly wider straps prevent them from cutting their shoulders into the meat. The bridge between the breasts should fly well on the skin . 
Big breasts also want to be flattered perfectly. 
Photo: PR PrimaDonna

If you want to show a little more of your pretty shapes, put on a half-cup bra . So your breasts are wonderfully staged.

The perfect panties for plus size women

Just like with the bra, the rule applies: just not too small . Because no matter what clothing size or body type: Underwear that is too tight is not only uncomfortable, but also not beneficial. On the other hand, the panties should not be cut too large or too straight, because then they can visually shorten the legs.
The right leg cut-out not only highlights the hips, but also the legs. 
Photo: PR PrimaDonna

A slightly cut leg cut and a slightly higher cut on the belly ideally emphasize the curves. If you have rather strong hips, you might not want very wide-cut briefs . Because they can magnify optically. In this case, a slightly cut leg is nicer, as you can see it in the photo above.

Bodysuits: Beautiful on ALL women

Bodysuits are not only particularly sexy , they are also great to wear under dresses. Because everything from the legs to the breast is beautifully packaged, there are no signs of wear. semi formal dresses australia  

Everything is well packed in bodysuits - simply to feel good and sexy. 
Photo: PR PrimaDonna
And the best thing about a body like this: while wearing it, you feel particularly sexy yourself. And you will have exactly this sexy charisma!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

These 2019 fashion trends are particularly good for curvy women!

Fashion trends look the best on size zero models? Not correct! These fashion pieces 2019 look a lot better for curvy women!
Diets, diets, diets: Especially the beginning of the year is full of weight loss resolutions (whether they are good, let it be said) and unattainable body ideals. This delusion can really cloud your view: This is particularly evident in fashion trends and the question of what fits which figure. The fact is, just like there are parts and cuts that make slim figure types better, there are also many fashion pieces that really make a difference with curves - and here they come: The most beautiful fashion trends 2019 for all women with curves are blessed.

These 2019 fashion trends are especially beautiful with curves

Workwear overalls: Aka Boilersuits

Clothing with a masculine touch makes all women who are not small and delicate look boyish? No! Exactly the opposite is the case, because pronounced feminine curves create an exciting contrast between femininity and masculinity. Boilersuits, for example, look much stronger with their bosom or beautifully wide hips and neat bottom. Little trick for the hourglass figure:choose a casually cut jumpsuit and emphasize the waist with a nice belt. Elegant shoes (preferably with heels) and feminine accessories complete the look.

Tone-on-tone combinations

Tone-on-tone combinations are anything but monotonous: Especially with curves, fine-tuned color harmonies are particularly beautiful, because it is the body silhouette that makes the look special. In 2019, combinations with natural tones are particularly popular, but also bright colors (e.g. a rich green) are great companions for spring. How about a tight-fitting midi knit skirt, a matching sweater and a trench coat or wool coat in the same or a similar tone?

Let ruffles and frills work for your curves

The fact is, ruffles and ruffles wear. Should you avoid them because of this? Under no circumstance! It is merely to use them specifically for their own figure. Both ruffles and ruffles are figure wizards - not by making them slim, but by giving more volume where we want it to be. Do you have wide hips and little breast? Try the ruffle blouse fashion trend! Your bust size is perfect, but can your hips raise the alarm? A midi-length flounce skirt is the answer here.

High waisted marlene and palazzo pants

Who would have thought: Victoria Beckham's signature look suits women with pronounced curves at least as well - if not better. The wide swinging pants are elegant and at the same time as comfortable as sweatpants. A little tip: Make sure that the figures are cut up and shape the waist nicely. Blouses are theperfect combination partner - especially with lots of patterns, they complete monochrome palazzo and marlene pants.

Trekking boots: what do they have to do with curves?

The world's fashionistas wear them up and down: trekking boots. The coarse and somewhat ugly footwear is an absolute favorite in 2019 - in summer 2019 even trekking sandals are trendy. And what does that have to do with curvy women now? Quite simply: silhouette, silhouette, silhouette. Very slim women with thin legs quickly look in trekking boots as if they had used their father's shoe cabinet. Curvy women can wear the coarse and chunky shoes without looking like a foreign body on them. Styling idea:Use trekking boots for style breaks! The grobiane simply look great with feminine skirts, dresses or a skinny-jeans-oversize-sweater combination (don't forget your waist belt). semi formal dresses australia