Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Plus-size blogger: This is my new favorite dress


Plus-size label with a new collection

As of today, the Zizzi Black Label Collection is available for all plus-size girls. And I already have a favorite piece: a black shirt dress with lace. cheap formal dresses

Like the Wardrobe of Wonders collection, the new Zizzi Black Label collection was also created in collaboration with the Femmes Regionales designer team from Copenhagen. The complete collection was shown for the first time at the Curvy in January.

I would like to present you the black dress with lace and pearl. The fabric is very comfortable to wear and the length is just right. The dress is closed at the front with hidden buttons, the top can also be left a little open. But then you can't see the pearl. I find the tip particularly beautiful. It is not a complete lace dress like you often see, but has details. The arm length is wonderful for me and thanks to the tip it doesn't look overwhelming even at higher temperatures. The dress is very simple and can be combined for many occasions. The dress is available at .

By the way: don't be surprised! The dress was photographed the wrong way round on The pearl definitely belongs on the front!  long sleeve formal dresses australia

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Plus-size jogger defends herself against bullies with a strong letter


cheap formal dresses

So that one thing is clear: I am not ashamed of my body!"

Yes, jogger Lindsey Swift knows she has a few extra pounds on her hips. Therefore, nobody should insult them. She makes this very clear with her strong letter on Facebook.

It's a very normal day for Lindsey Swift . She and her boyfriend are jogging in the English town of Barnsley. Until a car suddenly slows down next to her and a man leans out the window to sing a cover version of Mika's song "Big Girl (You are beautiful)" with a sarcastic undertone.

As Lindsey herself says, it's actually not her way to worry about such comments. To put it in her own words, "Idiots are idiots, after all ." But in this case she feels called to speak out properly to this guy in order to show other women with more weight , who are less self-confident than her, that they shouldn't let that kind of thing spoil their fun while running .

On Facebook she publishes an open letter to the mean bully who made fun of her and shows him what she thinks of him. Her first sentences already put the guy in his place:

"Yes, I am a heavy girl and yes, I am beautiful. Thank you for noticing. I'm not sure who you were trying to tell I am fat because you obviously have eyes on your head and apart from you only my friend and I were there. I assure you that I own a mirror and that my friend has already seen my body - he also has eyes. Please don't tell anyone, but I think he even likes my body. "

At this point it is already clear with what strength Lindsey Swift knows how to defend herself against the bullying attack But it goes on:

"Just to make one thing clear: I'm not ashamed of my body. It has never stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do. My fat body has done things you can only dream of. My fat body is in crystal clear water Swam Thailand, which you've probably only seen on TV before. He's lived in countries you can't even dream of and seen cultures your limited mind can't appreciate. My fat legs have me several times Carried up mountains and my fat brain speaks languages ​​you probably wouldn't want to learn, that's why you spend so much time in your van - because you have nothing better to do.

I recently decided to take up exercise because I thought it would be fun and good for my health. Not that I have to defend my body from you, but my goal is to run ten kilometers - and I can do it. I've lost over six pounds and I can do a lot of things that I couldn't before. It upsets me that someone wants to discourage me despite this achievement. Sorry if my assumptions about you are wrong, but I can only judge you based on your actions. If my running fat ass (I was honestly pretty slow because I was so broken) annoys you and spoils your ride, try driving with your eyes closed - right against a lamppost. "

At the end of her letter, however, Lindsey forgives the bully and clearly says that she even feels sorry for him. After all, his behavior is "not normal" and his manners are "not worth mentioning". Your final sentences are an inspiration to any person (fat or thin) who shouldn't give up on their goals.

"I hope that everyone with a goal, regardless of whether they are fat or thin, will not let something like this get them down. I know that I am not."

And then one last well-intentioned tip: "Always switch your brain on before you say something." long sleeve formal dresses australia

Lindsey Swift caused quite a stir and positive response with her open and honest letter. The post has already been shared more than 17,000 times on Facebook. We definitely wish the strong plus-size jogger every success in achieving her goal!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Cool autumn look for large sizes


Shop autumn styles now

Attention shopping queens! Even if summer is still beating in our hearts, the next season can already be in the closet. Here are some inspirations ...

I've been shopping autumn clothing since July: jackets, coats, cardigans - all the good things. How happy I am to finally be able to wear beautiful new clothes again soon. Well what I picked today is simply:

Capes are still favorites of mine. Whether black or gray - they can be wonderfully combined and any outfit look chic.

Autumn still has beautiful days when a jacket often gets too warm. For example, if you put on a blouse and a black culotte to the office, you can quickly throw a cape over it. For moments like this they are a nice alternative - regardless of the color. Speaking of which: the culottes have become a real style highlight for me in the last few months. Whether with simple, pointed ballerinas or with a higher heel, you can combine them wonderfully. For work or casual for leisure. If you prefer something a bit more chic, you can use a Chanel Lookalike bag, which rounds off the look.

No nice outfit without good make-up, of course! Thanks to model Kylie Jenner, brown lips are in. (My recommendation: "Velvet Teddy" from MAC). If you're going to have dinner after work, why not try the new "Naked Smokey" range from Urban Decay. With the predominantly darker eyeshadow colors, it is wonderfully suitable for evening make-up. I hope you enjoy these plus-size outfit ideas. Here are a few more shopping tips for re-styling long sleeve formal dresses australia

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

This is how you can find the perfect wide shaft boots for autumn

 Oh my god, these are probably my first wide shaft boots that fit properly.

But let's start from the beginning. When it comes time for new boots, I regularly go to the city - Cologne - and rummage around the shops. In the hope of being able to find something. My size is 41 and my calf is 44cm. There are quite a few shoe stores, also large ones, but nowhere did I find anything. Either they don't have any XL high boots or they are too small for me. Like the one from Tamaris, for example. formal dresses online

So the only thing left for me is the online shop. By the way, my favorite boots are from JJ Footwear, the quality is right and the price is right for them. I wouldn't want to pay more than € 200 for leather boots. Have a look at the wide shaft bootshop . At the top right it says "Calculate calf width". There you enter your shoe size (41 for me) and your calf width (measured at the thickest point, 44cm for me) and your boot width will be displayed. 2X are with me. Under Show selection you will then be shown all boots that fit you. Wonderfully simple.

About the outfit: I wanted to combine the boots in muted colors. This works wonderfully with beige or off-white. I had the lace skirt in my closet since last year and crawled from the back rows for this outfit. The snake print blouse is probably not for everyone. It's actually really, really long, but I've knotted it at the front and I think it looks good. Of course it can also be disadvantageous, but I think it makes the outfit consistent.

Together with the jacket, the color of which goes very well with the boots, it is very round. By the way, I wear the coat in XL with a size of 48/50. So you should also try the "normal" sizes. Have fun with the pictures! formal dresses with sleeves

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Black pants in large sizes: these are the new ones

 The black pants are the classic

 It is timeless, always fits and suits everyone. And above all, it stretches. This not only makes them a favorite up to size 42, the black trousers are also the perfect all-rounder for larger sizes. formal dresses online

3 pants trends that you shouldn't miss in autumn


The Marlene

Pants: Navabi, around 170 euros

The Marlene has a wide leg. This conceals small solid pads on the thighs and buttocks. The crease makes for an eye-catcher that distracts from the leg.

What is important about Marlene: it must by no means be too tight, otherwise it will not fall far enough. The flood version as shown in the photo is also totally trendy.


The tight black one

Pants:, Little Mistress Plus, approx. 40 euros

The tight black goes perfectly with everything: whether an oversize sweater, blazer or blouse. The tight black pants are elegant and absolutely timeless.

Important with tight black trousers: They shouldn't be cut straight. The silhouette looks so slimmer. It is good if it is cut a little higher.

Particularly trendy: The tight black leather jacket is an absolute eye-catcher in large sizes this winter and, if it is not too tight, a slimmer.


Black with glitter and prints

Hose:, Curve Exclusive, ca. 37 Euro

Wem eine schwarze Hose zu langweilig ist, der kann zur Hose mit Glitzer und Prints greifen. formal dresses with sleeves

Wichtig bei der schwarzen Hose mit Prints und Glitzer: Sie sollte auf jeden Fall mit einem einfarbigen Oberteil kombiniert werden. Sonst wird das gesamte Outfit zu unruhig.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Style for strong women: Shop Adele's plus-size look

 We love Adele! Her voice, her music, her self-confidence and especially her STYLE! The British woman always shows her top styling in her private life. Even though she lost a few pounds during her baby break, Adele is still a strong, tall woman. cheap formal dresses

With her new song "Hello", Adele brings tears to her fans again and gives them goose bumps. And that, although the tone on the upcoming album "25" will be much more conciliatory.

The young mother shows her great style in the video for her new song "Hello" after a three-year break from the stage.


We have copied the great style of Adele for you. This is not just for fans!


Checkered coat

Faux fur and plaid shirt

Scarf with print

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

How to combine cool lace-up boots with a plus-size look


Cool lace-up boots and oversize coat: your perfect AUTUMN OUTFIT

I've been looking for these shoes for ages after seeing them on the Plus SizeBlog by Supersizemyfashion. I found it on eBay. Finding ones that don't look like my calves are eating them wasn't easy. cheap formal dresses

Now there are even some at Torrid. However, much more expensive and customs are also added. I bought the coat at H&M from the trend department, which only goes up to 42 and I wear 50. Even on me the coat still looks oversize, doesn't it?

I think it's so great because it's really super long. I looked in vain for it in plus size departments. Midi skirts have been very popular since last year at the latest. We have to put that down to the Kardashians. But I really like the look for us curvy women. The length is great. Grad Missguided has shot into such "Kardashian looks" . By the way, I don't think the new collection is that bad!

The scarf is also new in my closet. It's the Canada scarf from the Swedish label AcneStudios. The guys really created an it-piece and a great brand. long sleeve formal dresses australia